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The description of Cooking Gingerbread Cookies AppThese gingerbread cookies won’t cook for itself and if you want to learn something new about the art of cooking you definitely must try to play this cooking game where you are about to find new recipes and create a delicious masterpiece. You have to be aware of the responsibilities that overcome and of course you don’t have to miss the fun just because you are an organized person. Be ready to follow the instructions and prepare yourself for a special baking training.First thing you need to do is to watch carefully while you take a big bowl where your dough will be made. Add ingredients one by one, start with putting butter and sugar, golden syrup, one egg and mix them until everything is homogeneous. The next step include adding the dry ingredients, like flour, ginger, mixed spices and baking soda, all these will come mixed together until the dough get smooth. Place it in the fridge so it can easy get shaped. Once you’ve take out the composition from the fridge you can cut it in special shapes and then put it in the oven to get baked. Wait until they get rusted and the tasty smell will knock you down, then you will know that your cookies are done. Don’t forget the final touches and decorate the cookies with some bon-bon in that way you’ll make them like are mouthwatering. Make your dream of baker come true and challenge your talent to go further the limits.Look at these cool features this game brings you:- Entertaining music and great graphics- Free to play- Easy game-play- Develop / improve cooking skills- Create some delicious gingerbread cookies- Learn how to follow a recipe and add it to your book

Free download Cooking Gingerbread Cookies v1.0.8 for Android

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