Free download Facilisight LS v1.3.67 for Android

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The description of Facilisight LS App75F is a building automation system that makes light commercial buildings more comfortableand energy-efficient. Using the Internet of Things design, 75F harnesses the computing powerof the cloud and packs it into smart HVAC devices that make people more comfortable,efficient and informed than ever before.75F is easily installed and learns what to do by itself while you enjoy the comfort and savings.Light Sabre version of Facilisight is the newly enhanced system that supports the haystack format of data.75f Facilisight App allows Facility Managers1. To Monitor and control the Buildings HVAC remotely through single sign-in on Tablet/mobile app2. Adjust the desired temperature for each zone at your facility from anywhere in the world3. Scheduling feature allows marking vacation days for the year ahead of time4. Easily implement energy savings without compromising comfort5. Get Alerts before your pipes freeze or your Building overheats6. View and edit your Daily/Weekly schedule

Free download Facilisight LS v1.3.67 for Android

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