Free download EMOJI REMOVER for Face Body Prank v1.0.4 for Android

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The description of EMOJI REMOVER for Face Body Prank AppEmoji remover is a prank app through which you can easily make someone fool. The purpose of the app is just to make some fun with you friends or prank them. The use of emoji remover is very simple and you can easily remove Emoji or sticker from someone’s face through some simple steps. Save any photo from anywhere and just import it into the emoji remover app which will easily remove the emoji or sticker from the photo and will show you the face behind the emoji or sticker.Some girls put emoji on their faces and upload it on social media or your girlfriend sent you a photo with covered face or any other body part then don’t worry now through EMOJI REMOVER for Face Body Prank you can remove these emoji or sticker from her/his face and see the face photo.This is latest application of emoji remover with updated functionalities and easy interface which is very easy to understand. Just with few steps you will be able to see the face behind the emoji. This application also provide the facility to remove emoji from photo which is taken from side. In EMOJI REMOVER for Face Body Prank there is an option provided to remove emoji or sticker from a photo taken from side which is no doubt amazing functionality.Use of emoji remover for Face Body Prank:The use of the emoji remover is quite simple just follow these few steps.1.Open EMOJI REMOVER for Face Body Prank2.Select the photo angle Depends on your photo whether it taken from side or from the front from which you want to remove the emoji or sticker.3.Scratch the face or any covered part with your finger and you will see the hidden part behind the emoji or sticker.

Free download EMOJI REMOVER for Face Body Prank v1.0.4 for Android

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