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The description of Laika AppPHOTOGRAPHIC & DIGITAL ARTS.From the Renaissance to Pop Art, our app can make you feel like Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Henri Matisse, or any famous artists. Visual art isn’t something everybody understands – but we do! That\’s why we created Laika, an AI technology based offline photo editor app (new style 2021) that will allow you to create amazing artwork \”paintings\” using amazing photo effects. Using our digital art filters for pictures, photo effects, funky photo frames, face filters for pictures, camera filters and more – you can make your photography look as if famous artists painted it for you!Are you one of those artsy souls, who enjoy practicing quick art anytime anywhere? If so, colorize your unique photography using more than 50 visual art styles available in our art filter library. We have the largest collection of different artistic styles to choose from. Take photographic and edit pictures to get your awesome artwork! Share your ideas with your new friends and befunky all the way!Every brushstroke, every layer of color, every shadow represents another piece of information. This ai artsy photo enhancer & editor uses AI technology to allow you to transform photos using preset ‘fine deep art’ templates, inspired by the masters of fine art. Simulated painting styles give you the choice between artistic style image filters. Let the true Renaissance of the Photo editing effects begin. CREATORS COMMUNITYWe develop our prism photo editor app together with our great community so feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions by joining Laika\’s social art-community. Discover new ai photo effects, art deep filters, prism deep filters, funky photo frames, face filters for pictures, and more. Befunky and free by standing out from the crowd. MEXTURES MODELaika artstation has “mextures photo editor mode” which allows you to mix filters, from 2-3 filters in one photography. Make your own “mexture combination” to get wow photography. If you cant choose any single camera filter for pictures than use this mode, you will be surprised! FRESH STYLESSatisfy your Renessaince soul with Laika\’s art camera and good effects feel yourself like Da Vinci or Van Gogh making your featured deep art for your exclusive art gallery. Recapturing a genius’s brushstroke, we gathered a range of styles just for you. Enjoy paintings of underground artists, the world we see is packed with beautiful art that can be applied to any photography using Laika. You can apply a great variety of styles to colorize any photography, even the most complicated one! PHOTOGRAPHIC FILTER AND EFFECTSLaika can convert any regular photography to aesthetic photo art, also you can correct failed shots – just apply any cool ai effects to your photography. Customize your personal photographic filters for your best quick art experience. All of this you can do in one photo editor. In Laika, you can bring your old and dull photos to life using photographic filters & effects that bring saturation, texture and exclusivity to your new image.Laika is not just your ordinary gradient ai photo editor or face ai photo editor, it is an all-in-one photo pro editor with collection of awesome AI effects and Artsy Prism Deep Filters. Moreover, you can use photographic filters & effects on the images you create, simply by adding them to the application to further add texture, which will make cool effects for pictures.If you want a chance to experience “befunky” lifestyle, try dozen of customized photographic filters for your photography. Check out the variety of brushstrokes technique presented in this application. Laika photo effects filter editor contains the collection of best effects for pictures.Dozens of inspiring filters for instant photo editing:– Enhance your photography.– Apply artistic filters and compare different deep art styles.Befunky with art effects and download Laika Today!

Free download Laika v1.9.7 for Android

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