Free download Cerberus Test v2.1.0 for Android

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The description of Cerberus Test AppCerberus Test supports fire safety experts in performing maintenance activities on fire detection systems. For fire safety sites connected to the Siemens Cloud, any status messages can be viewed on the mobile device. While testing fire detectors, the text-to-speech feature allows an easy, hands-free check that the correct detector text is programmed according to the fire plan document. Furthermore, the live status view allows the user to quickly detect and diagnose problems, or to verify that everything is up and running.Functions of the App• Log into Cerberus Cloud Apps account to browse all Cloud-connected sites• View site information, e.g. address and customer contact information of the selected site• View test activations and alarms of the selected site, including text-to-speech functionality for hands-free operation of the App• View status (i.e. all events) present on selected siteRequirements• Networkable Cerberus PRO FC922/924 fire detection system from Siemens with software version 9.0 or higher installed (UL)• Networkable Cerberus PRO Modular with firmare and software version 14.03 (UL)• Networkable Cerberus PRO 72x panel with software version IP7.0 or higher (EN)• Connect X300 Cloud gateway• Cerberus Cloud Apps account with an active subscriptionFor more information, please visit

Free download Cerberus Test v2.1.0 for Android

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