Free download KidControl. Family GPS locator v5.1.0 for Android

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The description of KidControl. Family GPS locator AppPersonal safety app keeps track of where your family members are. It\’s free!Family GPS tracker KidControl Circles – an app for the safety of your children and family.Your family can share their location, for example you can know where your child is when he left school. You can receive automatic notification when he arrives on its place.In GPS locator you can create separate circles for family. You will see them in your private account, on a separate map.Access to each circle is possible only by special invitation.In GPS locator you can:- add family members to your private account- create circles for private groups- create places-geofences and receive automatic notifications that a child has left or arrived at a place (e.g., a school)- browse the location history for today and yesterday- manage the rights of users in your account- hide or show your location to other users- see where a traceable phone might have gotten lost- the child can send an SOS signal in a difficult situation to all members of the circleYou can always be in touch with your family and take parental control of your childrenYou can create any circle for family and use it anytime or delete it when you don\’t need it.To get automated alerts when your kid arrives somewhere, create Places (Geo fences), such as School and Home. When your kid enters or leaves these areas, your phone receives a notification.Parents can see their child\’s movements online and always be sure they\’re all right. If a child gets lost or gets into a difficult situation, he can use the SOS button to send a help alert.In the Premium-version:- possibility to create unlimited number of circles and places- the ability to add unlimited number of users to each circle- movement and battery history during 2 weeks (instead 2 days in free).- Blackbox feature – recording of geodata when Internet is offTo provide precise coordinates, the phone must have Location service enabled. Enabled Wi-Fi increases accuracy to 10-40 meters and works indoors. GPS location has accuracy of 10-50 meters, only outdoors.When GPS tracking and Wi-Fi location are turned off or not available, KidControl family locator determines phone\’s location by LBS coordinates of GSM towers.KidControl is not a spying or secret surveillance solution and the app can not be installed remotely or secretly. To join this service user has to install the app himself and enter the invitation code from the inviting user.Users have the option to stop sharing location for some time or log out from an account or completely delete the app.The app is visible in programs. Users can share location only inside one account.

Free download KidControl. Family GPS locator v5.1.0 for Android

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