Free download TUNAG v5.5.0.169 for Android

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The description of TUNAG AppTUNAG is an IT service that promotes productivity improvement of companies and organizations by practicing engagement management in companies.▼Main FeaturesManagement of internal contents and welfare menus, all in appVisualize internal contents and welfare menu.Usage status is shared and you can also check the past usage status.Application and report management, all in appApplication, report and approval of superiors can be available anytime anywhere in app.Communication functionsPosts about contents will be shared on the feed and you can feel free to add comment.Casual profile pages also create opportunity to face-to-face communication.Utilization of usage dataSpeed up the PDCA cycle by analyzing the usage status of the internal contents and welfare menus.Effective operation for strengthening engagement.TUNAG gives you the ability to promote engagement management by “visualizing” and “sharing” information from the company, operating internal contents, and promoting the use of welfare menus.== Contact [email protected] about operation methods, malfunctions, etc.== Support for Operations Manager =Feel free to contact us for further information on how to proceed and revitalize after installation!

Free download TUNAG v5.5.0.169 for Android

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