Free download Phone Clone v1.1.1 for Android

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The description of Phone Clone AppNow switching your phone is easy for clone your data. you do not have to transfer files manually, transfer data from one phone to another is surprisingly easy now with our Phone Clone appPhone Clone is a Data migration app for you, whenever you think of purchasing a new mobile phone as well as you will think of transferring data from old to new phone.Buy a new phone without any fear of moving data because Phone Clone App will transfer your all data from Old phone into the New phone.Purchasing a new phone is a very exciting feeling but the data transferring one by one is a horrible thing, Smart Clone app is here to save from this hard work of transfer files one by one or send files by wire or cable. You do not need to transfer files one by one or transfer like folder by folder, With the CloneIt data transfer app, you can select which you want to share i.e. video + pdf file + audio + images, etc.1. is a free and Secure App to move a file from Old to New Phone.2. Switch your phone’s files without a data cable.3. Customize files location in the storage4. is Capable of Clone phone with no worry of mobile brand or company.5. is suited to transfer any type of file.6. Data clone app can clone without the limitation of size.7. Can be clone via Wi-Fi and Mobile data.8. Clone your Old phone into the New phone sharply.9. Multiple Files can be transferred.10. Extremely easy in the using11. Phone to phone transfer very simply.✦CloneIt Data moving app need the storage permission to access data files in the storage.✦app is required permission to access Contacts if you want to share contacts.✦The Location permission is needed to find the device location.With this phone Migrate app, you can replicate this types of data,Contacts:Contacts can be shared by the Phone Clone app but it will ask you for permission because the Phone Clone App seriously takes care of your privacy.Images:Transfer your images very safely from Old to New with a limit of quantity or image sizeCalendar:Send your calendar data from one to another very quickly.Videos:With app send video files to New phone from the Old phone that are your favorite and don’t want to lose these videos.Apps:If you think it is difficult to find again your favorite app in the same version, you can also share Android App with this Phone Clone App to your New phone.Audios:Audio Clone can be easily and immediately done with this superfastDocuments:Move your important documents to your new phone Whether it is Word format, PDF, or any other format.Make sure that both mobile phone has installed the Phone Clone app. Then run the application and follow these steps are given below.Install then Open the App,Touch the Button,Choose your Old & New phone,Select data files that you want to clone to the New phone and then click on the ,Now wait for the App to find your device when found then connect with and click on the .Now your phone is started to clone.This is a simple phone clone app please share it if you feel happy by using this app.Thanks.

Free download Phone Clone v1.1.1 for Android

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If you don\’t like it, you can also try Google play search to get it

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