Free download GangnamUnni – Medical beauty v3.98.0 for Android

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The description of GangnamUnni – Medical beauty App [1 out of 3 entire plastic surgery clinics chose GangnamUnni]You can choose a clinic through GangnamUnni the app that provides an outstanding number of clinical information. Carefully compare the reviews of each clinics before your first visit to the clinic! [Special pricing events are updated every month!]Choose a special-priced clinical events in GangnamUnni.✍ [A real review proved with receipts]Check 650000 review and choose a plastic surgical & clinical treatment that suits for you.GangnamUnni provides a 100,000 won worth swelling management package when you received a surgery through GangnamUnni and leave a review. No worries on downtime!‍⚕️Users and doctors will answer your questions within 24 hoursGet 5000 sign up points, and get more points for writing reviews! (You can use the points when you purchase a treatment.*Necessary authorization access- Call : Used to make a phone call to contact clinics- Save : Used to save and upload photos* optional authorization access- Camera : Used to upload photos on review/ chats[Settings > GangnamUnni > Authorization to GangnamUnni] You can agree/withdraw the authorization using the path above.GangnamUnni’s authorization access works on versions above AOS 6.0. If the version you are using is below 6.0, we highly recommend to update the version as you cannot selectively agree on the authorization access.*Contacts for questionsPlease contact the customer service if you have any questions or problems.(*It is difficult to answer questions uploaded as a review.*Developer’s contactsGangnamUnni (Healingpaper Inc. | CEO: Seungil HongCompany Registration Number: 117-81-81256Mail order sales approval number : 2015-SeoulSeocho-1147TEL: +82234438854Kakao Yellow ID: @gangnamsisterEmail: [email protected]

Free download GangnamUnni – Medical beauty v3.98.0 for Android

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