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The description of SuperTouch App SuperTouch is India\’s Own Virtual Makeup Try-on App. Enjoy an ad-free experience of beauty face camera filters on the go! Upload your selfie or turn on the front camera and choose from a variety of makeup categories. Use our face editor app and beautify your photo. Makeup★ Our handpicked customized makeup looks- date night, office look, 90\’s Bollywood, boss lady, minimal makeup, everyday look, and so much more.★ Try on combinations of foundation, blush, lipsticks, eyelashes, eyeliner, and eyeshadow.★ Apply makeup filters by uploading your selfie or use our live face camera feature.‍♀️★ Fancy a chin lift? Want to adjust your jawline?★ Enhance your selfies with our face cut editor, jawline editor, eyes enlargement and chin lift editor.★ After you select your final look, you can save the photo on your phone.★ You can then post your selfie on social media.★ If you are still confused, save and share your photos with your friends.★ Try around 200 actual beauty products from top beauty brands instantly.★ Click on the colors, and you will be directed to the website selling those products.✅★ Smart Skin analysis: Analyse daily skin concerns by uploading your photo and get recommendations of personalized skincare routines.★ A virtual haircolor try-on: Virtually try on hair colors before you finalize.★ A virtual hairstyle try-on: Customized hair styling options.

Free download SuperTouch v1.15 for Android

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If you don\’t like it, you can also try Google play search to get it

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