Free download Hazaragi v1.5 for Android

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The description of Hazaragi AppRead God\’s Word in the Hazaragi language on your phone or tablet.Key Features:· Bible is downloaded for offline access.· Pinch to zoom text to a convenient reading size.· Powerful but simple phrase search engine with wild-card character and auto-completion as you type.· Maintain bookmarks and verse lists for easy access.· Copy and paste text into other apps for example to send in a text to a friend.· Highlight verses or phrases using multiple colors.· Navigate by book, chapter and verse or by section heading in a hierarchical outline menu.· Clickable cross-references and footnotes.· Yearly reading plan with checkboxes to keep track and long-click navigation directly to the passage for convenience.· Navigation and audio player toolbars that may be turned on or off from the View menu.· Borders may be optionally turned on or off and the app may be made full screen to maximize the viewing area.· Multiple color schemes, including a black theme for night reading.· Displays text correctly on all phones running Android 2.2 and newer.· Shortcut keys for use with an Android device or emulator which has a physical keyboard.·Versions may be uninstalled by long-clicking a version in the Settings or Updates dialogs in order to free up storage used by that version.

Free download Hazaragi v1.5 for Android

Download app (31.30MB)

If you don\’t like it, you can also try Google play search to get it

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