Free download Staff score v2.3.19 for Android

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The description of Staff score AppactaPointage Mobile is an Android application for managing the attendance of workers at a site or farm level. This application offers e-acta customers secure access to their actaERP (ERP for agriculture and agribusiness) instance directly from any Android device (smartphones, tablets, phone, …).actaPointage Mobile allows:• User management• Site, farms, and production unit management• Employee management• Employees\’ attendance management based on the automatic reading of barcodes and QR codes (1D or 2D) of their badges• Presence logs management to analyze scan errorsactaPointage Mobile is designed to work mainly in disconnected mode (Off Internet connection) or connected mode (with internet connection).It has a very powerful data synchronization system automatically between the application and the client instance of the actaERP solution.

Free download Staff score v2.3.19 for Android

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