Free download Debate on the Daily v2.4.6 for Android

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The description of Debate on the Daily AppDebate on the Daily is a cross-platform smartphone application that serves the purpose of equipping students in the debate community with a platform to practice on, connect, and grow with one another.The app offers numerous features, the first of these being a forum for students to add interesting resolutions which they may have encountered during rounds or thought of off the top of their head. They will be required to add the topic name and a few basic arguments. Thereafter, anyone can view this information and add in refutes. Refuting drills are common amongst coaches and academies to refine a debater’s refuting ability within rounds. Albeit a small bit of practice, consistently checking the app for new topics and arguments can allow you to soar in your abilities.Within this same module is an interactive feature that allows students to sync up for practice debates. The current situation calls for students to primarily debate other students within their own school. This is flawed in regards to sustainability since you are not gaining anything out of debating the same people over and over again. Debate on the Daily has students provide basic information such as their name, form of debate, email, school, and preferred platform to debate on. Using this information, debaters can contact one another and get in touch to practice debate.The third channel is for helpful tools, with there being three specific features compiled within this module: The daily news, in app notes, and a TOC points calculator. Keeping up to date with the news is not only a debate skill, but an essential life skill. Staying informed about what is going on in the world around you, opens you up to different perspectives and outlooks on other issues. The second stream is a calculator for TOC points. Debaters can simply add in tournament of champion points accumulated from various tournaments, and their diminished total will be calculated for them. The third channel is a personal database of notes which are saved locally, thus, personal to each user. These notes are encouraged for noting down experiences from a variety of rounds, judge feedback after a reason for the decision is given, or any other reason that one sees fit.All of these features are designed to come together and progressively improve every student\’s skills. Even further, Debate on the Daily is meant to be a community where debaters build and improve one another, overall expanding the debate space and growing everyone\’s passion.We hope that you enjoy, and can provide any valuable feedback on how we can improve Debate on the Daily!

Free download Debate on the Daily v2.4.6 for Android

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