Free download Ruangguru v6.30.0 for Android

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The description of Ruangguru AppMissed the school subject or didn’t understand the materials?‍♂️RelaxStudying with Ruangguru online tutoring app can be the answer to your worries.In this online learning application, you can be more prepared and confident facing PTS, PAS, UTBK, and Ujian Mandiri.Get a more exciting online learning experience with the guidance of the Master Teacher and the support of technology-based features.Ruangguru – the online tutoring application has tons of excellent features and products to cater to your learning needs.Not your ordinary learning videos, ruangbelajar provides you with features such as:✅ Learning videos that you can download and watch over and over✅ Access using laptop/PC✅ Summaries in the form of interesting infographics✅ Adapto – a feature that can adjust and match learning videos to your level of understanding.✅ Study Schedule to help you be more disciplined in managing your study time.✅ Ruangguru Adventure – learning with your chosen avatar✅ Pet Mission – let your study buddy evolve by doing your study mission✅ Learni with Dafa Lulu through fun and exciting adventures✅ Study Progress Reports accessible by parentsThe best interactive online tutoring in Indonesia with various product advantages, such as:⭐ Interactive live teaching with Star Master Teacher⭐ Homework Clinic via video call to help you finish your schoolwork⭐ Private counseling (consultation) about many things from learning strategies, SNMPTN rasionalization, to soft skill development⭐ Hobbyist Club, a place to share information with friends from all over Indonesia with the same hobby to share information.⭐ Tryout to prepare yourself for PTS, PAS, and UTBKThis online-offline combo of tutoring can also be your option. Brain Academy also has several advantages, such as: Consulting services with the best teachers Has more than 30 branches in every part of Indonesia Gadgets and high speed WiFi in every class Soft skill development class, free of chargeGet new experience of online English Course with native teachers.Some of our excellent features are: Online classes with Cambdridge Curriculum standard There are various levels available, classes for 7 year-old children up to university students and professionals Special classes for TOEFL iBT preparationAnswer difficult questions from school for free at roboguru. Enjoy the features, such as: Ask any question anytime 24/7 Also available via roboguru Whatsapp Get answers from Master Teacher with the explanation videoFind the best private tutor at ruangles. You can: Get experienced teachers graduated from the best universities Set the study to your needs Get complete choice of subjects Get affordable tuition fees Change the teacher if he/she is not to your liking. GuaranteedAsk your homework via online chat at ruanglesonline. Advantages of studying via ruanglesonline: Availble for Elementary, Junior High, and Senior High school level Affordable Complete choice of subjects Quality tutorsPrepare for UTBK tryout at ruanguji and you’ll get: Simultaneous Tryout Simulation Complete package of tryout questions Each question comes with text and video explanationsRuangguru also provides free tutoring services in the form of articles. Access ruangbaca’s various advantages: Articles of lessons from 6th grader of Elementary to Senior High and Vocational School Information around Scholarship and campus wold Information around the world of teaching and teacher training Information around children education (and parenting) Everyday’s Interesting facts discussed from the scientific point of viewGet a more exciting learning experience only in Ruangguru online tutoring application.

Free download Ruangguru v6.30.0 for Android

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