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The description of Yoop AppWelcome to Yoop, the new way to attend events!The Yoop app allows you to discover, purchase, and access in-person and virtual events. Purchasing a Yoop means that you are buying directly from the creators and entertainers you love to access their events.THE Yoop EXPERIENCEFans purchase Yoop directly from the creators — no middlemen.For many events, the platform also offers:- Wish List: An opportunity to access events at a protected, affordable price- My Price: A way to access events at the price you choose.We give You a voice. Your events. Your terms. Yoop is about You.THE Yoop DIFFERENCEYoop has been built by and for fans. We care about pricing transparency and a secure environment. We stand against exorbitant fees. All of that in a simple and easy to use platform.ABOUT YoopYoop is about you and the events you love. We\’re an entertainment company that builds products to connect fans with creators. We facilitate the relationship by creating a single unified market that empowers fans by giving them a voice and empower creators by rewarding them for the events they create. Our mission is simple: we empower fans and creators.NEW – VIRTUAL EVENTS with the Yoop eSpaceYoop eSpace provides you and millions of fans around the world with access to virtual events. These experiences are designed to bring you closer than ever to the creators, artists & teams you love through high-quality livestreams. You can even be invited to interact with the performers during the event!

Free download Yoop v1.37.3 for Android

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If you don\’t like it, you can also try Google play search to get it

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