Download Ultraman:Fighting Heroes MOD APK v2.0.0(Mod Menu)

Currently available Ultraman heroes and KaijuTaiga, Titas, Fuma, Saga, Tregear, Ruebu, Blu, Rosso, Grigio, Orb, Geed, Zero, Tiga, Victory, Ginga, Leo, X, Noa, Belial and many other of your favorite Ultraman heroesGalactron, Juggler, Leugocyte, Maga-Basser, Maga-Grand King, Maga-Gappa, Maga-Orochi, Skull Gomora, Pedanium Zetton, Grigio King, Red King , Chimeraberus and tons of other classic KaijuTaiga Tri-Strium, Geed Royal Megamaster, Zero Beyond, Orb Lightning Attacker, Belial Atrocious and more new Ultraman formsOfficially Licensed True to ClassicOfficially licensed by Tsuburaya Productions, all character models, animation, skills and voiceovers have been stringently evaluated by , and guaranteed to 100% stay true to the Ultraman story and overview. Players can become their favorite Ultraman and overcome evil in this new Ultraman world, protecting peace and harmony over the universe.

Download Ultraman:Fighting Heroes MOD APK v2.0.0(Mod Menu)

Download mod apk (111MB)

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