Download Rowan McPaddles: River Rush MOD APK v2.0.3(Unlocked)

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Rowan McPaddles: River Rush Introduction</h2

LIVE. DIE. ROW-PEAT.Rowan McPaddles is a challenging endless runner where you dash down the rapids in an ultimately futile attempt to stay afloat.NOT YOUR AVERAGE RUNNERSubways and temples? Those are for babies. Rivers are the true test of the human spirit. Rowan McPaddles takes what you know about endless runners and turns it over its head!NO LANESIn Rowan McPaddles, you have full control of your character, giving you the freedom to move around and die in whichever way you choose!NO SAFETYAlmost everything in Rowan McPaddles is potential death. Sharks, hippos, crocodiles, and even cute, innocent-looking beavers are out to chase you, so it’s your job to hop over them and make sure they don’t! For as long as possible, anyway. Like the saying goes “Nothing is certain but death and taxes.”

Download Rowan McPaddles: River Rush MOD APK v2.0.3(Unlocked)

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