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NameThe Gemstone Of Ocean(Mod)
CategoryRole Playing
PublisherGS Pixel
Publish Date23/11/2020
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Mod Info:

The Gemstone Of Ocean(Mod) A lot of gold coins, silver coins, skill points, you can download and experience all the content without spending money

The Gemstone Of Ocean(Mod) Game Introduction :

The clear condition of the game is to be the owner of the gemstone hidden somewhere in the sea.
To enhance one\’s reputation by plundering, trading, fishing, exploring, etc. to learn skills
Clearing is possible only by gathering ships, monsters, heroes, relics, etc. and building a strong fleet.

Each ocean has its own name and each has its own unique characteristics.
Talk to explorers and fishing boats to get information about the map.

There is an island in the sea and various activities are possible.
Shipyard – Buy/Sell Ships, Repair Ships
Trade Market – Purchase of navigational goods, sale of trophies/fishery goods, purchase/trade of trade goods
Currency exchange – to change gold into silver or to change silver into gold.
Main Store – Skill Point Acquisition/Hero Recruitment

The fleet includes pirates, navy, merchant ships, explorers, fishing boats, and quests.
All fleets are combatable.
Merchants, fishing boats, get more goods.
Pirate – can fight or pass but attack unconditionally if you don\’t learn certain skills
Navy – patrols the sea and attacks merchant ships or fishing boats around it.
Merchant Ship – Available for purchase of navigational goods and trade goods
Explorer – Get Information Through Conversations
Fishing Boats – Information can be obtained through dialogue
Quest – When you meet, the battle begins unconditionally.

The battle of the loading vessel is automatic, and only the colonels need to be adjusted.
The cannon is fired automatically when the enemy is within range and sight lines.
You can change the large maintenance, autonomous combat mode during a battle.
Monsters and battles are also automatic.
However, it is better to make proper adjustments to prevent my ship from sinking.
If your opponent is too strong, you\’ll find yourself in the position of battle.
It is possible to retreat away.

The Gemstone Of Ocean(Mod) Game screenshot :

The Gemstone Of Ocean(Mod)

The Gemstone Of Ocean(Mod)

The Gemstone Of Ocean(Mod)

The Gemstone Of Ocean(Mod)

The Gemstone Of Ocean(Mod)

The Gemstone Of Ocean(Mod)

The Gemstone Of Ocean(Mod) (29.8MB)

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