Download The Ghost MOD APK v1.0.47(So Mod Menu)

New Wishlie Hospital

You have received daily treatment from your friends in new wishlie hospital for 2 days. It's time to leave the hospital today. But something happened. You wake up at 2 a.m. and find that all patients have disappeared except you and your friends. This place looks more muddy and… Locked! You read the magazine about the hospital and found it haunted. Now it seems that the only way to escape is through the garage door. Can you escape when ghosts devour your soul?

middle school

Emily and Lyra are students and best friends. They live in a small house in a small town with few people. It was Sunday. It was routine for them to go to the cemetery together. But this time, for some reason, Emily thought it better for her to stay at home. So she decided to stay at home. Emily looked out of the window and saw a strange creature crawling behind her sister… The day after Lyra was gone, she ran to school for help. On her way into the school, the school gate closed behind her. Now locked in the school area, she noticed the struggling students

You can play up to 5 players.

Download The Ghost MOD APK v1.0.47(So Mod Menu)

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