Free download bepro11 v1.9.23 for Android

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The description of bepro11 AppWe take you to the next level!Our 4K video solution gives you eyes to the whole pitch. We compile data from every match and categorises each match event into video clips ranging from shots to tackles. This allows you to share key moments and figures with the rest of your team.[Bepro Fixed-cam Solution For Viewing All Off-ball Movement & Space]Experience our high-quality “scouting view” enabled by the bepro fixed-cam.We capture all events and movements, you won’t miss a thing![Event Video Clips & Data]All video clips and data are available within 24-48h after your game.Video clips are categorised into 18 different match events and advanced game data where you can see stats such as heat-maps and pass-maps. This gives you smarter insights and enables you to better understand your game.[User-friendly Video Editing & Communication Tool]Our Bepro Editor PC tool makes it easy for anyone to edit their own video clips and visualise their tactics with various graphics and once synchronized, can be viewed from Android. All clips can be shared to staff and players, meaning the analysis doesn’t just stay in the meeting room, it’s now accessible anywhere.Change the game with Bepro11.

Free download bepro11 v1.9.23 for Android

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