Free download IllumiShot – Target Marking & Spotting Software v3.8.2 for Android

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The description of IllumiShot – Target Marking & Spotting Software AppTry out the fully functional demo. It comes loaded with target images so you can test out all the features without connecting to a camera! You can also connect and verify your camera is compatible. IllumiShot can be registered at anytime from within the app. Registering IllumiShot unlocks automatic shot marking!IllumiShot in conjunction with a target camera will spot and automatically mark bullet holes on a downrange paper target. Once a bullet hole is detected IllumiShot will mark it, in the case of multiple bullet holes the software will mark them, calculate the shot group size and display the results. Score zones can also be created and stacked with IllumiShot automatically calculating the score for each shot.Statistics for every shot are logged and can be viewed by tapping a shot marker and individual shots can be deleted. Statistics can both be saved as a PDF file or printed directly from the IllumiShot software. Target images complete with all generated markups can be saved to your device. Markers and information are color coded by shot group making it quick and easy to track your progress and compare different shot groups to each other. Display detailed info about any shot at anytime by tapping it\’s marker.IllumiShot is compatible with many different security, IP and target cameras as well as Arduino, Raspberry PI, Beagle Bone, and other DIY camera platforms.Visit our website at to learn more.Features+ Locate New Bullet Holes In A Downrange Paper Target+ Automatically Mark Them+ Calculate Group Sizes Automatically+ Create Custom Score Zones And Assign Point Values+ Automatically Calculate Scores+ Color Coded Shot Markers+ Works With Many Different Cameras+ Works With Simple Paper Targets+ Save Target Images And Statistics+ Simple Interface, Spend More Time Shooting And Less With Your Device!+ Metric Or Customary Measurements+ GPS Functions To Determine Range

Free download IllumiShot – Target Marking & Spotting Software v3.8.2 for Android

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