Free download Lanetalk v2.4.3 for Android

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The description of Lanetalk AppThe official World Bowling training app.Track your training and development, analyze your statistics and challenge bowlers all over the world.With the Lanetalk app, your statistics are automatically gathered directly from the Bowling Center and you can easily gather and analyze your progress over time.Deep dive into your stats and easily compare yourself with other bowlers at different levels. With the training app, you as a bowler at any level can gain new insights to develop your game. The app can be used both in training as well as to analyze competitions you take part in.AUTOMATIC SCORE TRACKINGAutomatically tracks your score from the Bowling Center scoring system (pin-by-pin and frame-by-frame) and builds your personal statistics archive.BOWLING TRAINING TOOLThe app will gather your score and provide a statistic archive to deep dive to get new insights to your training and progress. Compare your stats with other bowlers at all levels and let the App help you to develop your performance over time.DIGITAL SCORE CARDSMaster the leaderboards and share your digital score cards with friends and in social media.MASTER THE LEADERBOARDSSee how you rank at your local lanes and compare your skills with other local champions.MATCHES – FUN CHALLENGESWith Matches, you can challenge friends and bowlers around the world and take part in virtual challenges. Be a local hero or conquer the worldwide leaderboards! Do you have the nerves, or do you chicken out?LIVE SCORINGFollow live Games or Tournaments in Bowling Centers around the world. Follow local or international games in real-time, from your couch or your office.CONNECT TO THE BOWLING COMMUNITYFollow Friends and Bowling Stars and invite them to follow you and your games. Share your scores and latest stats from your games with your friends and fans.Supported Scoring Systems in BowlingCenters:• Brunswick• QubicaAMF• Steltronic• US Bowling• Touch Desk• VBS Viking• Switch• Computer Score• Bowlit

Free download Lanetalk v2.4.3 for Android

Download app (30.20MB)

If you don\’t like it, you can also try Google play search to get it

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