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SLAM DUNK screenshot

SLAM DUNK screenshot

SLAM DUNK screenshot

SLAM DUNK screenshot

SLAM DUNK screenshot

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Dunk master! Blood is hot! Dominate the country!

Slamdunk is a real-time basketball game hand game, issued by DENA, authorized by Dongying animation and supervised by the whole process. The game is adapted from the original comic book of jingshangyan and the cartoon \”dunk master\” produced by Dongying animation. Players can control the original characters, acquire skills, experience the classic plot of original animation and the strong strength of each college team, and feel the blood and emotion brought by the competitive events.

The unique skills of each player known as \”hum defense\”, \”gorilla dunk\” and \”lightning flint\” in the students\’ time will be restored one by one, creating a special skill list for each player.

. authorized by the eastern version! The classic story is restored completely!

PVE play will show you more than ten classic animation story chapters. Experience the growth history of Cherry Blossom way of new basketball rookies in Northern Hunan Province, and review the youth and overflowing summer.

. real time multi-player competition! Show your skills with a variety of ways!

In addition to the core 3v3 half-time mode, there are many kinds of competition modes, such as 1v1 bullfighting, 2v2 team, 3v3, 5v5 single player, etc. Match the team with the team-mates who have lost the list to experience the charm of group competition.

. the national qualifying competition starts! Dominate the country with friends!

The qualifying match takes 3v3 half as the competition mode, one game in 3 minutes, cooperates with friends team, displays self-skill, wins the victory with friends, challenges the national good hands, and competes for \”all suit first\” to dominate the country.

. all roles included! TAIRI original class excellent voice!

The original version of Dongying animation is authorized, and the characters in dunk master animation are included.

. the talented basketball master was born! Challenge the nation to win the championship!

In the game, the classic skills of Cherry Blossom Road, Liuchuan maple, xiandaozhang and animal gentry are restored. With your basketball wisdom, you can defeat the challengers from all over the country, win the victory and dominate the whole country.

. cross suit competition glory war zone starts! 3 minutes fair competition!

Cross suit match starts at any time, one click and friends function, starts the game with friends anytime and anywhere, challenges the glory war zone to fight for your city, and compete for the strongest basketball player in the country.

[rating information]

(1) Because the game story involves improper speech. According to the grading management method of game software, it is classified as 12-year-old coaching level.

(2) This game is free to use, and there are also paid services for purchasing virtual game currency and articles.

(3) Please pay attention to the game time to avoid being addicted.

Download Free download SLAM DUNK v5.1 for Android

Free download SLAM DUNK v5.1 for Android

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