Free download tilt v1.2.4 for Android

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The description of tilt AppFeatures:• Open, close, and adjust the position of your roller shades with preset customizable schedules or on demand via the app.• Sync changes from multiple smart phones using the same account• Quickly open or close roller shades with open/close scenes and favorites• Set up multiple weekly schedules per scene• Sun tracking adjusts roller shades scenes with seasonal sun position change (requires location enabled)• Get voice control and access from anywhere with the optional tilt bridge••••••IMPORTANT INFORMATION••••••The app is free to install, but it requires the purchase of one or more tilt® roller shades. Can be purchased from

Free download tilt v1.2.4 for Android

Download app (102MB)

If you don\’t like it, you can also try Google play search to get it

Get tilt Google Play

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