Free Download app Pointz v1.0.13 for Android

Pointz is a map app that\’s designed for users who travel by bike. With this tool, you can find out the best routes for traveling from one point on the map to another, and you can also look at the opinions of other users who have taken similar journeys.

The way Pointz works is simple: when you open the app, you\’ll need to turn on your device\’s GPS. After this, you\’ll be able to start looking at routes by searching the departure and destination points. The app will then calculate the most convenient bicycle route and will track your movements once you start cycling.

Once you arrive at your destination, you can leave a journey review (whether there were a lot of cars, if there was a cycle lane or if the journey was dangerous…) and, depending on how many bike routes you use, you\’ll be rewarded with points that will make you a star user in terms of reference reviews.

Pointz is a good app for cyclists that users can use to find the best routes for traveling by bike. The app also makes it easy to establish a community of cyclists who try to make journeys safer for everyone.

Reviewed by Victoria Borrás
Translated by Eloise

Download Free Download app Pointz v1.0.13 for Android

Free Download app Pointz v1.0.13 for Android

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