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The description of Kawaii World Pink Blocks AppAll official mods, maps and addons belong to Mojang, we are not official developers.The kawaii world Minecraft 2 mod is the long-awaited world – the pink addon that all lovers of the kawaii texture pack for Minecraft universe have been waiting for. MCPE Bedrock will now sparkle for you with pink flowers, from which you will not be able to look away. A cute kawaii texture pack for Minecraft will simply captivate you with its delicate colors, where each block / blocks, or rather their texture, shimmers synchronously from the rays of the sun in survive mode.The textures in the mod Kawaii world of Minecraft Pocket Edition are so elaborate that even every single texture of an object looks like a composition of art. Your map with Kawaii World Minecraft 2 will not be a survival mode, but a heavenly place to enjoy in MCPE Bedrock. Maps, mods and addons with the theme of mod Kawaii World have a fairly large audience of fans, so we released this addon for you, including a kawaii texture pack for Minecraft in survive mode.The meaning of the word Kawai is pink or cute, from Asian culture. Every block / blocks in mod Kawaii World Minecraft 2 have soft textures so that your map doesn\’t cut your eyes in texture packs Minecraft Pocket Edition survival mode. Kawai World Pink Mod is an addon for MCPE survival mode Bedrock, which will turn your vanilla map into a cute texture packs Kawai world of Minecraft Pocket Edition in survive mode.Block / blocks in Kawai World Pink Texture Packs have high details and well-smoothed corners. Your maps with Kawai Craft will receive completely different and delicate textures, with which none of our textures can be compared. Kawai of MCPE is, of course, a more girly addon, but also a lot of boys play Kawai of Craft.If you are tired of the monotonous MCPE for a long time, then you will definitely like this addon, you will not want to be separated from it. And if you supplement it with our other mods and shaders, the game will turn into an incredibly beautiful and interesting game.If you are a fan of kawai addons from a series of mods and addons, like Kawai Craft, then we recommend that you leave your opinion about this addon so that we will release them more often.

Free download Kawaii World Pink Blocks v1.1 for Android

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